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Driver Caught Street Racing At 109 MPH Tells Police He Was Going Faster


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Honesty pays off? Not necessarily because Timothy Brooks Holden still had to do 150 hours of community work in addition to losing his driver’s license for 18 months. NZ Herald reported that on July 23, 2021, he was ticketed by the police for exceeding the speed limit. On a country road near Hastings in New Zealand, a radar recorded him at 176 km/h (109.3 mph), but the man claimed he was actually going faster. What? What?

He told Napier District Court he did 195 km/h (121.1 mph), not to test the car’s top speed, but rather to “beat the car next to it.” In other words, he was involved in street racing. In November last year, Holden labeled the sentence as “grossly excessive” in his appeal to the High Court, claiming a 12-month ban would have been more equitable.

The judge had a different opinion, which was not too much considering the track record of the driver was not less than the previous six verdicts. New Zealand’s Land Transport Act 1998 makes it illegal to “sustain loss of traction” and he not only violates the law but also injures someone. He was sentenced to prison in 2006.

Not only that, between 2002 and 2020, Holden amassed 20 fouls that drew demerit points, so his recent illegal act was not the only one. Lawyer Lisa Grant defended her client by saying that the race took place on a straight country road with no other car than Holden’s, the vehicle he was fighting, and of course, a police car.

Police adviser James Bridgman responded by saying the race was held during the winter at around 11pm with no street lights, so visibility was an issue that night. Holden’s appeal was rejected due to his comprehensive rap sheet.

Judge Gendall, the judge of appeals, motivated the decision: “He would commit such an offense again, potentially endangering members of the public.”


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