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From Kia’s Robo Dog To Dr. Evil At GM


Over the years, the Super Bowl has become more than just a football game featuring two of the best teams in the NFL. It’s turned into a huge entertainment venue with superstar music shows, epic pre-game and post-game parties, and for those watching on television, there’s commercials. With companies paying millions of dollars for just 30 second spots, these ads are often very creative and quite memorable.

For obvious reasons, we focused on automaker ads and there have been some truly epic places over the years. For 2022, there are several manufacturers hoping for a place in Super Bowl commercial history, including Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Kia, General Motors and Polestar. Some of these ads have already been revealed, some are teasers (which we’ll swap for full ads once they’re online), but we’ve got them all in one place so you can preview, watch, and rewatch your favorites as often as you like. according to your heart’s desire.

Will any of these join Darth Vader’s son who started Volkswagen from Super Bowl 45 in the unofficial hall-of-fame?

Dr. Evil Takes Over GM To Get Ultium Platform


Relive the iconic evil character from the late 1990s Austin Powers franchise, General Motors heads to the Big Game under the control of Dr. Evil (played by Mike Myers) who realizes that he must save the world first before he can become its ruler. Typically Austin Powers fashion, hilarious banter ensues before everyone heads to the Ultium-powered car.

Zeus retires to California and buys a BMW iX


What did the Greek god of sky and thunder Zeus (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) do in his last years? He heads to California of course, with his wife Hera (played by Salya Hayek) in this 60-second commercial. Retirement proved frustrating for someone who got electricity out of his hands…until he got his hands on an all-electric BMW iX.

Toyota “Mobility For All” And Following The Joneses


Toyota has two separate ad placements for the Big Game. One is an inspiring true story about brothers who competed in a sport and won, even though one brother lost his sight.


The other was a light romp featuring the new Tundra for 2022 and a plethora of celebrities with the last name Jones, all trying to keep up with one another.

Action Star Eugene Levy Driving the New Nissan Z


Famous for decades of comedic roles in various films, actor Eugene Levy is reborn as a rough-and-tumble action star thanks to a drive in the Nissan Z. Famous Hollywood stars Catherine O’Hara, Danai Gurira, Dave Bautista and Brie Larson are together for a wild ride, also.

No Surprise From Polestar


The former Volvo division first appeared in the world of Super Bowl commercials, but its commercials are still a mystery. The 15-second teaser only promises to list things you won’t see anywhere, including explosions, supermodels, weddings, parodies, monkeys, and heartache, to name just a few.

Robo Dog Wants a Home With Kia


you will, however, find all kinds of heartaches with Kia ads. Set to Bonnie Tyler’s Total Heart Eclipse, a robot dog (Robo Dog) with adorable eyes chases the Kia EV6 in hopes of being adopted. Can Robo Dog catch up before it runs out of power?

Mind you, this is the advertisement we know. Surprises are always possible, and if something new comes up during the Big Game, we’ll post it here.



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