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Classic Mini Returns Officially With 120-HP Electric Powertrain


The classic Mini has been the object of a lot of tuning work in recent years. We’ve seen some pretty impressive builds, including a Mini with a 500 horsepower Acura V6 engine. If you are looking for something more eco-friendly but still encased in the same original package, the BMW Group might have the right answer for you. Friends, enter Mini Recharged.

The British automaker is inviting owners of classic Minis to turn their cars into emission-free machines with modern electric powertrains. No pricing is available yet, but Mini says only reversible changes made to the vehicle and combustion engine are tagged and saved so they can be used again if the owner wants to switch back to the original combustion powertrain in the future.

Most importantly, however, the Mini promises that the go-kart feeling behind the wheel will not be crushed. We expect performance to be significantly improved compared to the original classic Mini, as the Recharged Mini comes with a 120-horsepower (90-kilowatt) electric motor. It can propel the small hatch from rest to 62 miles per hour (0-62 miles per hour) in about nine seconds, three to four seconds faster than the stock Mini.

There are no details on battery capacity, though Mini says its estimated range on a full charge will be around 100 miles (160 kilometers). Recharging output up to 6.6 kW. The manufacturer is proud that the original center instrument cluster on the dashboard is preserved in its original form, but now displays information about drive temperature, gear selected, range and speed. As one of the vehicle’s main advantages, Mini says the reborn classic model can be driven in downtown areas where combustion cars are prohibited.

A dedicated team from Mini Plant Oxford will be in charge of the development and retrofit of the electric powertrain to the classic Mini.



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