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One-Off Ford Bronco Pope Francis Center First Edition Heads To Auction


For the visit of Pope John Paul II in early October 1979, Ford built a 1980 Bronco XLT that opened at the rear for easy in-vehicle access for His Holiness. This 2021 Bronco First Edition doesn’t have a ladder behind its predecessor, but it still pays homage to the second-generation-based specialty vehicle in another way. At the same time, it represents a nod to the original Bronco from 1966.

Not available on current Bronco trim levels, the Wimbledon White finish matches the Bronco from 56 years ago and features retro feel steel wheels. At the front, the top of the Ford Performance modular metal bumper along with the grille, both have been finished in Iconic Silver.

For a contrast effect, there are Rapid Red accents visible at the bottom of the doors as well as for the hood decals. The bespoke First Edition Poe Francis Center badge on the front fender gets a similar look, while the rear-view mirror cap also comes with a light red stripe. It’s a far cry from the stock Bronco FE as it offers roof-mounted LED light bars, side pod lights, and tube doors.

The Blue Oval throws in rock well-wheel lights and a strap system affixed to the inside of the tailgate. Speaking of the cabin, the two-tone seats come with a Wimbledon White centerpiece to continue the exterior theme. The same color is seen on the dashboard where the lettering “BRONCO” is now finished in red to echo some of the trim.

Barrett-Jackson has been commissioned to auction the unique 2021 Ford Bronco Pope Francis Center First Edition at its annual event in Scottsdale, Arizona. The special SUV will be up for grabs this Thursday, January 27, at 4:30 p.m. MST. All proceeds from the sale will go to the Pope Francis Center in Detroit for his fight against homelessness.

This donor car comes from David Fischer Jr., president & CEO at The Suburban Collection Holdings, LLC.


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