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Koenigsegg Factory Expansion Plan Includes On-Site Track For Customers


Koenigsegg has announced a major update to its plant located in Angelholm, Sweden. The expansion plans include various facility upgrades, including a new factory for Koenigsegg Gemera, as well as customer space, offices, events, showrooms and retail space.

This expansion will result in a building footprint on a site of more than 30,000 square meters (7.4 hectares). It will be added to a second 11,000-sqm (2.7-acre) facility established last year at Angelholm. The company will also recruit additional employees as part of the expansion – another 100 engineers and 150 production staff by the end of 2023, with a target total of nearly 800 employees.

That said, the expansion plans include additional warehousing and pre-production space, along with a unique experience center and potential on-site test track. The test track is planned to be located just outside the Gemera factory and the main office building.

Being equipped with a technical angle, the test line allows prototype testing, as well as on-site pre-delivery testing. In short, Koenigsegg customers can have the option to test their supercar before going home.

As for the new Gemera factory, Koenigsegg has provided some pictures and details of its plans. It will connect to Koenigsegg’s existing office building, with an exterior design inspired by an old Swedish factory accordion-like layout. Apart from being a manufacturing facility for a four-seater hypercar, Gemera customers can also enjoy a very modern customer space. Future openings and announcements can also take place in the “cinematic” event space.

“Looking back on where we started 27 years ago, it’s amazing to think about the journey we’ve been through. Our expansion is a sign of the relevance of our past and future as we are geared to deliver our handcrafted cutting-edge mobility technology and best-in-class performance. vehicles,” said CEO and Founder Christian von Koenigsegg.


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