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Watch Old Luxury Sedans Go Off-Road Because Why Not


luxury sedans off road challenge

At this point, you should be familiar with English Wow. The car comparison website is well known on YouTube as a channel for drag racing and off-road combat, but more so on the former. We’ve seen some quirks from the channel, but most of their videos are more than decent and can teach you a thing or two along the way.

But this time, carwow have arranged something purely just for fun. This is an off-road battle between three competitors that is impossible given the circumstances. For this off-road battle, a 2001 BMW 735i, a 2000 Lexus LS 430, and a 2000 Mercedes-Benz S320. These old cars retail for 1,000 pounds each, or about $1,231 at current exchange rates.

As you might expect based on their age, these luxury sedans are not in tip-top shape, which makes them well suited to this set of off-road challenges. As presented by presenter Mat Watson, you don’t have to spend too much to buy a Range Rover, just spend one million rupiah for an old luxury sedan if you want to off-road with luxury. Pretty good advice, right?

Leaving aside, Watson says that there’s no better car for off-road use than a car you don’t really care about damaging it. Fair enough.

A series of challengers have definitely tested the old luxury sedans and as expected, some suffered major damage along the way – not that they care.

With all three cars pushed forward by the rear wheels and almost all powered by a V8 (except for the Mercedes which has a diesel engine underneath), which one wins the off-road challenge? The 16 minute video above will give you an overview. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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