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Polydrop Is Not Your Ordinary Aero-Efficient Teardrop Camper Trailer


Teardrop campers got their name because of their shape, especially when viewed from the side. However, Kyung-Hyun and Jieun from Korea make a different kind of teardrop camper trailer – which could be the perfect match for your Tesla Cybertruck when available.

Meet the Polydrop, and from the name itself, it’s a polygonal trailer that somehow resembles the upcoming all-electric Tesla truck. If you thought the Polydrop was copied from Tesla, you would be wrong because the first prototype of this geometric trailer came in 2017, weighing in at just 680 pounds (308 kilograms). It was towed by Jieun’s little car for one year.

The Polydrop is relatively compact, measuring 13 feet 7 inches (4.14 meters) long, 6 feet (1.8 m) wide and 6 feet 3 inches (1.9 m) high with roof racks and awning in place. Ground clearance is at 15 in (0.4 m). Keeping the bomb at bay is the Timbren axle-less independent suspension setup, which should be comfortable even on less-than-ideal roads.

Constructed on an aluminum frame, Polydrop is lightweight and durable against rust. Dry weight for the P17 Essential base is from 820 to 1,100 lbs (372 to 499 kg) depending on the accessories added.

Polydrop has insulated cabs up to 8.7 inches (0.2 m) thick, with insulation grades up to an R-41 rating. Enter through the gullwing doors and you are greeted with warm lighting with the option to add skylights with insect screens (for ventilation).

There’s plenty of storage space inside and out, while the back is reserved for a fold-out kitchen. Depending on the Polydrop variant, a rooftop solar panel can be added for additional power to the 1.2kWh LiFePO4 Battery.

The Polydrop camper trailer starts at $16,990 for the P17 Essential variant, which has a six-month wait time. Meanwhile, the all-electric P17A1 starts at $28,990.


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