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Ram TRX On Four Slicks Faces Classic Chevy Nova in Close Drag Race


If you take the new Ram TRX straight from the dealer to the drag strip for a test & tune night, you won’t be the slowest vehicle there. Ram lists its Hellcat-powered off-roader as turning the quarter mile in 12.9 seconds, hitting 108 mph in the process. That’s almost as good as the Dodge Challenger SRT 392, but what about some old school muscle cars made to live a quarter mile at a time?

That’s what we’re dealing with in this short but sweet drag racing video from Drag Racing and Item Cars on Youtube. To be honest, we’ve seen all kinds of TRX drag races but very little has happened on the actual prep track. To maximize grip, the driver of this red TRX swapped the off-road tires for four slicks. As for the other modifications of the truck, we don’t know but we can say for sure that this Ram is not available. We’ll explain a little.

In this case, the competition is also not the stock. The video simply lists it as a Chevrolet Nova, and to us, it looks like an example from the early 1970s, maybe a 1972 model. It sported the SS badge on the grille, and like the TRX, we don’t know exactly what was modified on this old muscle car. Between the hood and the beefy slick at the rear, we’d say it’s a very healthy car designed only to slide down the track in a straight line.

This is where we confirm no available vehicles. When the light turns green, both jump off the line with the TRX driver getting the slightest jump. We were treated to a V8 symphony, though the Ram’s exhaust tone was the loudest. We hear five different gear changes as it roars down the track, but on another track, the old Nova is really panic there. The Ram crossed the line in 10.92 seconds, posting a speed of 124 mph. Both numbers are well above the standard TRX, and its speeds are actually well beyond the manufacturer’s limit of 118 mph.

Those numbers were also way beyond Nova’s stock of the day, but this one crossed the finish line at about the same pace. Specifically, it hit 123.9 mph, while covering the distance in 11.1 seconds. Yes, the win goes to TRX. But only.

Still, that’s not bad at all for a 6,000-pound pickup truck with four doors, seating for five, and the ability to fly over sand dunes.



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