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It teams are spread around the world, and even here in the US, our editors are in a number of regions. We have a few people in Los Angeles (it’s hard to run an auto publication without someone in LA), some editors in Detroit (LA was a car city before LA became a car city), and representatives in Florida, Ohio, South Dakota, and more.

Luckily we also have internet and chat apps, so in between writing every newsworthy story that deserves to be published, and flying around the world for product launches, we can still talk about cars.
Recently, we started broadcasting some of these car conversations to our social media followers in a Friday afternoon livestream that we call Test Car Happy Hour. Every Friday at 4 p.m., Timur’s editors meet to talk about the cars they drove that week, along with a variety of other car-related topics. It’s fun, I promise.

You can tune in to watch here at, or join us of your choice Youtube, Facebookor Twitter. From any of these social media locations, you can also share a comment or ask a question — just write one and we’ll automatically get it in our streaming feed.

The highlight of this week’s Happy Hour is the Toyota Sequoia 2023, which we spent driving in Dallas, Texas. This three-row SUV is all-new, with a standard hybrid powertrain and influences from Tundra. We’ll also cover the Toyota Supra and the Chevrolet Bolt. Submit your inquiry and exit. It’s Friday!


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