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Ford Transit Connect Is A Complete Complete Camper Compact


When Ford launched the Transit Connect, attention was drawn to its capabilities as an efficient small cargo carrier. Sure, you can throw your sleeping bag back for a weekend adventure, but use it as a full-service camper van? Space is limited, but this simple outfit manages to cater for all needs, including a full bathroom with standing shower.

nicknamed Lil TripperThis 2011 Transit Connect isn’t the prettiest camper conversion on the block, but it’s impressive to look at anyway. The special roof provides much needed headroom to move around, and also allows for the aforementioned showerhead. It is positioned at the very rear on the driver’s side, with what looks like a cassette toilet on the passenger side. There’s also a small sink in the area, mounted next to the fridge and a large air conditioner that holds the station between the bathroom and the sliding side door.

The dining area for two takes up the remainder of the driver’s side, and is converted into a sleeping area according to the auction listing at Cars & Deals. The photo only shows sleeping accommodation for one person, although there is a large folding shelf with a ladder above it. We do not thinking it’s meant for someone, but at least offers more storage space in a compact van. There is additional storage space at the front, along with a microwave for cooking.

For extra cooking, you have to step outside. The propane stove is mounted in a folding compartment in the sliding door, and there is a manually operated awning for shade and protection from the elements. Storage capacity for water or electricity is not stated, but the van comes with external connections for both.

It’s not what we’d call an aesthetically pleasing building, but it’s certainly functional. As for the other van, listed as Transit Connect standard edition with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine producing 136 horsepower (101 kilowatts), using standard suspension. It only showed 9,000 miles on the odometer, so apparently, he camped out more than he covered.

This smart van isn’t the smallest camper conversion we’ve seen, but with fuel prices at record highs, it can be a relatively economical option for a weekend getaway without leaving all the comforts of home.



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