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Ford Performance Teases “Something Shocking” For Goodwood’s Debut


Ford took to social media on Thursday to tease that “something thrilling” was about to come from the company. The post comes from Ford Europe, where the Blue Oval will be making its electrifying debut at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. Ford Performance retweeted. The video is short and reveals a bit of what we’ll see later this month, but it does show off a wide lighting element that looks stretched out on the front end.

The video also shows off a white Ford Performance branded helmet. On the chin is the Ford logo and a large, bold “PRO” brand underneath. The Ford Pro branding also reappears as a cover title card. The Ford Pro was launched earlier this year in Europe for the automaker’s commercial vehicle customers. Ford designed this new Pro digital service to make it easier to manage commercial fleets.

Ford is pushing toward electrification of its lineup and expanding its commercial vehicle business. Last month, Ford Europe backed a continental ban on ICE vehicles by 2035. Part of the company’s plan is to launch five all-electric commercial vehicles by 2024. Ford teased the lineup last month, but none of the lighting signs matched those featured in teaser video.

The wide and thin lighting elements are visible apart from the headlights on both sides. The blades are separated into three sections, but are designed to look like one continuous element, unlike the recently launched E-Transit Custom front which clearly draws between the three light bars. However, there are similarities in style between the two. The rest of the video doesn’t reveal much either, with just a faint bit of sheet metal in the background.

We won’t have to wait long to see what Ford has in mind for the festival. This year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​is just a few weeks away, with Ford advertising set to reveal its new model on June 23. Ford has a history of making high-performance vans as promotional products, so maybe it’s time for another Ford Supervan to showcase the future potential of all-electric commercial vehicles. We’ll be watching to see Ford’s debut.



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