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2023 BMW M2 Will Be The Last Pure Internal Combustion M Vehicle


As regulations and restrictions tighten around the world, along with deadlines set for selling fossil fuel vehicles, the days of pure internal combustion engines will be numbered. For BMW, electrification is in sight, even for the M division led by CEO Frank van Meel.

The BMW XM is the first entry into the electrified future of the M division, due to arrive in production form at the end of 2022. But if you’re wondering which M car will be the last to be powered by a pure internal combustion engine, van Meel has confirmed that it is. will be the upcoming BMW M2 2023.

In an interview with Germany todayThe returning head of BMW M reiterated that the M2 will be the last M vehicle without any form of electrification.

“The BMW M2 with inline-six cylinders and rear-wheel drive is sure to be a pure driving machine. We will see increased electrification in other vehicles, of course in different forms, starting with 48-volt electrical systems and plug-in hybrids to full electric drives. Seen this way, the M2 will be the last M with a pure combustion engine drive and also without the scope of electrification such as the 48 volt on-board network, yes,” said van Meel.

That said, if you’re still worried about the arrival of an electric BMW M car, the M2 will be your last chance. Even better, it comes with a manual gearbox, which seems to be the choice of more than half of American M2 buyers, according to van Meel.

The G87-generation BMW M2 has been partially revealed in a recent leak. The high-performance coupe will start production towards the end of the year in Mexico, so we expect a debut in 2022.

Meanwhile, the first BMW M3 Touring will make its world debut at Goodwood on June 23.


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