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Ford Maverick Gets Custom Slide-In Camper Elevator For Land Makeover


The Ford Maverick is Blue Oval’s newest truck, and is proving to be a popular model for the brand. The automaker had to stop taking orders for the 2022 model earlier this year, so you’ll be hard pressed to get one in your driveway. Those lucky enough to own one have gone to great lengths to modify it, like Justin and his 2022 Maverick First Edition, which features a custom slide-in camper with a pop-up roof awning.

Justin’s video posted above shows off his homemade build featuring many of the amenities you could want in a simple slide-in camper. Space is limited with Maverick’s tiny bed, but that’s enough room for a fridge, sink, portable toilet, and an eight-foot-long bed. The camper also has 400 watts of diesel, a 100-amp-hour lithium battery bank, a 14-gallon stainless steel water tank, and a 3-gallon stainless steel water heater.

Page 253 of the Maverick . owner’s manual recommends that owners not install sliding campers, but also doesn’t explicitly prohibit it. The Maverick may be a truck, but it’s small and new, and the aftermarket is still catching up. However, this is a custom made camper made of aluminum. It is laser cut, TIG welded together, and powder coated. Sitting on top of the dedicated camper is a pop-up tent, which provides sleeping space.

The entire unequipped camper setup weighs 700 pounds (317 kilograms), well below the Maverick’s 1,500 lbs (680 kg) payload capacity. Justin added a two-inch suspension lift to the pickup, turning it into a proper land vehicle.

According to Justin, the Maverick is still back at about 22 miles per gallon on the highway, which is fine for a truck but a little under EPA 29-mpg rating. The Maverick, featuring Ford’s EcoBoost engine and all-wheel drive, features a two-inch suspension lift with BF Goodrich tires at all four corners. The upgrades paired with the 700-lb camper will save fuel, but this build seems worth the sacrifice.



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