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1991 Mercedes G-Class Restomod Is A Cool Blend Of Classic And Modern


Restomod is very popular these days with more and more companies entering this multi-million business with classic vehicles. Expedition Motor Company, one of the pioneers in this segment in the United States, has an exciting new product based on the 1991 Mercedes-Benz G-Class convertible. The so-called 2022 250GD Wolf is an extraordinary blend of classic off-road design and modern technology for better everyday use. Now available to order with prices starting at $160,000.

One of the highlights of this new build, which comes with several upgrades compared to the company’s previous G-Class restomod, is the newly available automatic gearbox. You can have the 250GD Wolf with a standard five-speed manual transmission or the optional 722.6 five-speed automatic sourced from the S-Class. The gearbox is mated to the OM602 straight five-cylinder diesel engine from Mercedes, which is the perfect match for the smooth and silent five-speed automatic transmission.

Giving a new, modern look to the vintage G-Class is the Gulf Blue exterior paint, which is combined with black wheels, wheel arches and bumpers. A contrast and durable weather-resistant Praline vinyl seat has been installed in the cab, which is now equipped with modern features such as air conditioning as standard. There’s also a small infotainment screen on the center console that supports Apple CarPlay wireless functionality and plug-in capabilities, as well as a pair of cup holders in front of the gear lever. Standard on all G-Class restomods are heated front and rear seats.

This restomod took the Expedition Motor Company over 1,400 man-hours and started with a complete nut and bolt removal. New fuel and brake lines have been installed, as well as a fresh new body mount. The axle, brake calipers and suspension have all been completely rebuilt with the latter now sporting upgraded springs, shocks and custom polyurethane bushings for a more comfortable ride. Every G-Class restomod from the company comes as standard with different locking front and rear.



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