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Florida Driver Thought Corvette C8 Was A Submarine, Conquered Flooded Roads


Water and cars don’t mix. In fact, in water and cars don’t mix, except for very rare examples like the Amphicar from the 1960s, or four-wheel drive vehicles with lots of ground clearance. Even so, navigating a flooded road is extremely dangerous, as there is no telling what obstacles or traps might lurk underwater. Therefore, this article is sure to produce don’t try this at home warning.

For that, do not try on the road too. We’re amazed the driver of this Chevrolet Corvette C8 made such an attempt, but we’re even more amazed that it worked. The exact location of this daring journey is unknown, although it took place somewhere in the shadows of Miami, Florida. The south of the state was hit hard by a tropical storm system last weekend, with more than a foot of rain falling in some locations. Captured in a video on Instagram from Luis Leyva (@superstrong26), the action here pretty much speaks for itself.

We don’t know if there are puddles on this particular road, but we do know there’s more to the black ‘Vette under the water than on it. The video begins with the Chevy already in the middle of the road, the hood and headlights completely submerged. The waves break over the windshield. The tail of the rooster shoots from the exhaust tips on both sides. The music in the video prevents us from hearing the sound of the car, but the car keeps going and actually pushes the bow wave down the road on its return to dry ground, apparently no worse than wear and tear.

It seems is the keyword here. Look closely as the cars pass and you will see water pouring out of the bottom of the passenger door. That shows there’s a fair amount of water in it, and you know the big air inlet on the side scoops out all kinds of water. Yes, the video ends with the car speeding away, but we don’t know how far it is. And who knows what kind of problems could arise in the future.

Friends, we will say it one more time. Do not tempt fate when it comes to flood roads. Even if you make it through, there could be long-term consequences that could damage your car.



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