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Lamborghini Huracan STO Gets Novitec Makeover With Lots of Carbon


Lamborghini made race cars for the road in 2020 when it launched the Huracan STO. The track-focused and road-legal supercar received extensive modifications that made it lighter and more aerodynamic. Novitec revamped that design with a new body kit and other upgrades for the radical-looking supercar.

Novitec uses carbon fiber composites in large quantities, accounting for 75 percent of the car’s bodywork. The tuner used the material to lighten the vehicle and change its appearance, adding new rocker panels, larger air intakes for brake cooling, carbon mirror caps, and enlarged engine intakes.

The tuned Lamborghini sits on six-spoke wheels measuring 20 and 21 inches, Novitec designed with Vossen. They are available in 72 color variants with a brushed or polished finish.

The new wheels sit attached to the revised suspension. One gives owners 14 selectable settings for the suspension, while the other can lower the STO’s ride height by up to 1.2 inches (30 millimeters).

Novitec also offers high performance exhaust systems available with and without actively controlled butterfly valves. Novitec also offers the exhaust system in different variants; however, each Novitec exhaust is made of stainless steel or Inconel, and each Novitec exhaust system is plated with 999 pure gold. The exhaust pipe measures 4.4 inches (111 millimeters) in diameter, and customers can finish with a carbon matte or gloss finish. Novitec will even offer gold plating for your exhaust tips.

Novitec didn’t go into detail about the interior, but the tuner says it offers a wide selection of leather and Alcantara in a variety of colors. Novitec will meet most customer needs in the cockpit.

One thing that didn’t get an upgrade was the Huracan’s powertrain. The naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine continues to produce the same 630 horsepower (470 kilowatts) and 565 pound-feet (417 Newton-meters) of torque. That’s still quite a bit for a supercar.

The tuner package for Lamborghini is just one of several it offers, as Novitec makes kits for a wide range of makes and models. The new STO Huracan pack joins the Novitec packs for other cars from Ferrari, McLaren, Rolls-Royce and others.



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