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Meet the People Who Make BMW M1 Procars From Parts


The BMW M1 Procar takes the German brand’s wedge-shaped supercar and modifies it for the short-lived but exciting racing series. The top Formula One drivers competed in the one-make championship for the 1979 and 1980 seasons. Fritz Wagner was among the race car’s heartbreaking mechanics. Using spare parts, he has managed to rebuild some of them.

Like all race cars, there comes a point where the M1 is no longer competitive. Wagner still has a passion for this machine. When the parts broke, he started buying the pieces.

He now owns a workshop with a large collection of M1 parts. Components run the gamut from nuts and bolts to engine blocks and even entire bodies.

He finally had enough pieces to reconstruct the entire Procars M1. The video isn’t decisive, but it looks like he has at least three of them. Plus, the J├Ągermeister-sponsored example looks mostly complete. The collection includes a Nelson Piquet race car, and Wagner says he is willing to sell the vehicle to the former F1 champion.

In addition to the Procars, Wagner has a prototype M1 made by Lamborghini. In the video he mentions wanting to convert it to run on hydrogen.

The M1 started out as a collaboration with Lamborghini. When the Italian automaker left, BMW continued the project. The design is one of the wedge shapes that Giorgetto Giugiaro created during his time at Italdesign. A mid-mount 3.5 liter inline-six pumped out 273 horsepower (204 kilowatts).

Compared to the road version, the Procar pushes the engine output to 470 hp (351 kW). The body is wider to fit wider wheels, and an adjustable wing is mounted on the rear deck. A revised suspension and upgraded brakes are also part of the package.

Niki Lauda won the 1979 season of the M1 Procar series. Nelson Piquet was the champion in 1980.

Production of road cars and racers only amounted to 453 units. The assembly lasted from 1978 to 1981.

In 2008, BMW revived the hypercar name for the model’s 30th anniversary by creating the M1 Hommage concept. It features a design that evokes the original but with a more exaggerated appearance. The pop-up headlights are also missing.



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