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Jaguar Classic E-Type Restomod Debuts During Queen’s Platinum Jubilee


Jaguar Classic, the automaker’s restoration division, delivered a rebuilt and upgraded 1965 E-Type Roadster to its new owner during The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant. Customers even got to take part in the brand’s model parade during the festivities.

Buyers have wanted the E-Type Roadster since he was born. The Jaguar Classic is even better at finding examples with a build date of just two days after the customer’s birthday. However, the car required extensive restoration to return it to a roadworthy condition.

The rebuilt E-Type Roadster has a body in a special blue color that takes inspiration from the Union Jack colours. LED headlights replace the original headlights. Inside, there are leather upholstery in a red color that comes from the hue of the British postal box.

The car also has several improvements over the original Series 1 E-Type Roadster. Instead of the original 4.2 liter straight-six engine, this convertible now has a 4.7 liter powerplant. New exhausts and manifolds provide precise engine sound. Power goes through an updated five-speed manual that’s smoother, quieter, and smoother than units from the ’60s, according to Jaguar.

To handle the extra output of the larger engine, other upgrades include an improved suspension, better brakes and wider tires.

The cabin of this E-Type has a Classic Infotainment system consisting of a small screen to display satellite navigation directions. It also has a touch screen and Bluetooth support. A plaque on the dashboard shows “E-Type 1961-2021.”

If you own a classic E-Type, the Jaguar Classic offers an upgraded five-speed gearbox and a Classic Infotainment system as upgrades to enhance the classic model.

E-Type is a fairly common starting point for creating restomods. For example, E-Type UK used the E-Type 3 Series coupe to create an example using a fuel-injected 6.1-liter V12 producing 400 hp (298 kW). It also received updates to the suspension and brakes. The body features LED headlights, a chrome front bumper and an expanded grille on the hood.

Similarly, the Eagle company has the entire business of building a modernized E-Type. Extensive modifications can include aluminum parts for the monocoque, gearbox and engine block to reduce weight.


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