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F-150 Lightning Towing Test Shows Range When Towing Camper Trailer


The Ford F-150 Lightning is a highly capable electric truck. It can lift payloads of up to 2,235 pounds (1,014 kilograms), while towing capacity can reach up to 10,000 lbs (4,536 kg), depending on battery type.

While those numbers are more than adequate, one would wonder how transport could affect the F-150’s range. Nicholas Schmidt, owner of Lightning Platinum, has tested his new electric truck and is sharing his findings on his own blog called geeky Schmidt.

Since Schmidt used the F-150 Lightning Platinum for his tests, it is equipped with all of Ford’s features, including the Tow Technology Package, Extended Range Battery, and Tow Trailer Max Package. This means its all-electric truck is designed for haulage.

According to Schmidt, the Airstream camper trailer he hauled was about 6,000 lbs (2,722 kg), packed with equipment, and 20 gallons of fresh water. He was the only passenger of the truck plus the drive was just a flat road with no hills.

Before Schmidt hooked the trailer to the truck, the range was 85 miles (137 kilometers). After entering the trailer measurements into the system, Lightning automatically recalculates the range to 54 mi (87 km). For efficiency, he says he sees 0.8 mi/kWh when the trailer is hooked up – about half the 1.5-1.8 mi/kWh he’s used to without the Airstream camper.

For the record, the F-150 Lightning equipped with a larger long-range battery has an estimated range of up to 320 mi (515 km). A standard battery has the power to propel the truck up to 230 mi (370 km).

Schmidt also shared some insights on the towing experience:

The towing experience was impressive. The instant torque makes hauling a breeze, and you kind of forget that there’s a lot of weight behind you as you accelerate.



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