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Watch How the BMW M3 Touring Was Made


The BMW M3 Touring is just around the corner, with a release set for later this year, and BMW production gears up to meet the demand for high-performance cars. The new BMW M3 Wagon G81 plans to combine the performance of the BMW M3 with the practicality of a wagon to create the ultimate family car. To celebrate this exciting M3 variant, BMW M created a video tour of their manufacturing facility to show how the BMW M3 Wagon is made.

The BMW M3 G80 debuted in 2020 and ushered in a new era for BMW’s iconic sports sedan. The G80 brings a number of polarizing adjustments to the BMW M3 formula such as optional all-wheel-drive, auto-converted torque, and controversial styling. But there is one change that is most agreed upon, namely the addition of the BMW M3 Touring G81.

The BMW M3 Touring G81 combines all the stunning performance of the BMW G80 M3 with the practicality of a 3 Series wagon and will launch in June 2022. This high-speed train is the perfect offering for customers who want SUV performance but can’t stand its higher center of gravity.

BMW M is committed to ensuring that the G81 BMW M3 Touring is a true M product. Their attention to detail in the production process, as seen in the BMW M video, is second to none. The body in white was constructed by a fleet of precision robots that handled all the critical welding required to build the stable and rigid body required to fit the BMW M badge in the rear hatch of the wagon. Then the Quality Control robot goes to work to check the work of its upstream brethren to make sure each weld is completed correctly.


From there, the body over white transitions to the paint booth, which is a mix of experienced craftsmen and painting robots working together to produce a superior finish. In the BMW M video, you can see the M3 Tourings painted in radical colors that include purple and lime green. The product process continues as the G81 cart moves through multiple production stations combining the precision of a robot with the expertise of an experienced craftsman. The end product is a wagon that deserves the BMW M3 badge.


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