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Vanilla Ice Shows Off His Mustang 5.0 From Ice Ice Baby Video


vanilla ice mustang 5.0 tiktok

Who doesn’t know the song “Ice Ice Baby”? Plagiarism issues aside, those old enough to remember its release back in the day and those who have heard its infectious beats and lyrics years later should be very familiar with Vanilla Ice.

And what better way to incorporate a rapper’s lifestyle than showing off their vehicles. For Robert Van Winkle, better known as Vanilla Ice, it was the 5.0 Mustang that appeared in the original video of the chart-topping hit.

If you’re wondering if the car is still holding up after a stint in the music video, Van Winkle has a new one tik tok clip showing the Mustang in the body of a fox, looking in tip-top condition.

The social media post reads:

The 5.0 word, yes indeed I still have my original 5.0 Mustang from the Ice Ice Baby video. Watch the following.

The clip starts on the back where the iconic Miami “GO ICE” license plate is located. It continues to show the sides and then the interior, laden with special upholstery. Of course, Vanilla Ice’s famous cupid logo holding a machine gun is everywhere in the cabin, complemented by a white and red theme.

On the face of it, the Ice Ice Baby Mustang looks clean. The 5.0 liter engine has a custom engine cover again, with the Cupid logo. If you think that this car has not been touched since the 90’s then you are wrong.

In early 2020, Van Winkle announced that the restoration of the original Mustang 5.0 Fox body had been completed. It took four years to revive the ‘Stang and he is very pleased with the results of the restoration work.

If you’re interested in buying this car for nostalgia, we’re not sure if Van Winkle sold the Ice Ice Baby Mustang considering how many times he’s reminded the world that the car was with him. Either way, you might want to hit him.


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