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Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Gets New Trademark Filing


Over the next few years, Chevrolet has plans to expand the Corvette C8 line even further. We know there are hybrids in development and fully electric variants, but their names remain a mystery. However, the new trademark might hint at what’s to come as Chevrolet has made a new submission for the Corvette Grand Sport moniker.

The automaker already has a trademark on its name, and it’s still active. Chevrolet first resubmitted November 17, 2008. The Bow Tie submitted a new application on May 26. Trademark and patent filings aren’t crystal balls, so there’s a good chance the Grand Sport name will sit on shelves before Chevy uses it, if it does at all.

The timing of the new submissions is interesting as Chevy has at least two more Corvette variants to come. In April, the automaker announced that it would launch a hybrid Corvette in 2024. The company also teased it, reassessing that the coupe would have all-wheel drive for the first time. At the time, General Motors President Mark Reuss posted on LinkedIn that more details would arrive at a later date, including his name.

Chevy is also developing an all-electric Corvette, but we have fewer details. It will likely use GM’s Ultium battery technology when powering all four wheels. This is another model we don’t know the name of, but we will be keeping an eye on other trademark filings.

Chevrolet may have applied for a new trademark to precede the old brand so as not to fall behind, ensuring that there is no gap in ownership of the Corvette Grand Sport name. It seems that the 2008 Chevy trademark will expire at the end of November 2022.

Whatever Chevrolet decides to do with the name, we look forward to seeing the Grand Sport name again. The final Grand Sport sits between the hotter Stingray and Z06 in the Corvette lineup, but it’s unclear where the new Grand Sport could fall. Chevrolet is working on EVs and hybrids, the Z06 is due to go into production later this year, and there’s a brand new Grand Sport that adds to the mystery.



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