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General Motors Hacked In Cyberattack, Personal Data Exposed


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In this technological era, data and information privacy is as important as cash in your wallet. There are quite a few things that hackers have access to as long as they have the right information – nothing to the advantage of the owner.

Apparently, General Motors was one of the victims of the recent cyberattack. In company violation notice, GM noticed suspicious logins from April 11 to 29, 2022 in online customer accounts, which led to unauthorized redemption of gift cards using customer reward points. GM said the feature was disabled as soon as the hack was discovered.

According to the automaker, the hackers accessed information from GM’s online/mobile app accounts. Restricted information accessed includes “first and last name, personal email address, personal address, username and phone number for registered family members tied to your account, last known and stored favorite location information, subscription OnStar package (if applicable), family members’ avatar and photo (if uploaded), profile picture, search and destination information, gift card activity, and reward points redeemed fraudulently.”

GM noted that although much of this information was accessed, more importantly it remained inaccessible to hackers because they were not stored in the customer’s GM account. This includes date of birth, Social Security number, driver’s license number, credit card information, and bank account information.

In addition to temporarily suspending the gift card feature, GM has notified customers affected by the issue. Customers are also asked to reset their password at the next login, while a report to law enforcement has been forwarded.

If you’re reading this story and you haven’t, we highly recommend that you do. It is also recommended that you use various credentials across your online accounts.


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