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Tesla Model S Long Range Doesn’t Need Plaid To Drag Race M5, C7 Z06


You’ve seen the insane Tesla Model S Plaid in action. On the drag strip, it has few rivals when it comes to factory stock performance. Capable of making a mid-low nine-second pass in a quarter mile, even race cars are hard to keep up with. But what about the other Model S trim levels?

New video from DragTimes reminds us that, when it comes to Tesla, speed is relative. The official Model S Plaid 0-60 mph time is 1.9 seconds, but the Model S Long Range featured here still manages to hit that figure in under four seconds. Specifically, the telemetry installed in the sedan shows a time of 3.2 seconds on the surface of the Atco Dragway in New Jersey. That’s enough to take on many famous high-performance engines, including the BMW M5 Competition and C7 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 featured in this fight.

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Bimmer is also not stock. Specific modifications aren’t mentioned, but the owner claims it has over 800 horsepower (597 kilowatts). It sounds mean, but all that power leads to traction problems in the first of three races. The M5 was forced to lift while the Tesla advanced to elapsed time (ET), hitting 129 mph. It’s a different story for race number two, with the M5 racer scoring great reaction times and launching to get a very close win despite the slightly slower ET. Race number three is the deciding factor in this battle, and we’ll let the video tell that story.

As for the Corvette, things weren’t that exciting. This is a 2016 Z06 that appears to have 650 hp (485 kW) under the hood. If the 800-hp Bimmer is a challenge to the Model S, it looks like the Z06 stands no chance. However, the ‘Vette is much lighter, and official Chevrolet stats for the 2016 Z06 turn it into a 10-second quarter mile. Having said that, it should be a tight race and the first pass doesn’t disappoint. The Corvette runs 10.93 at 125 mph, slightly faster than the Tesla’s 10.98 second pass. However, the win went to the Model S for being nearly 0.3 seconds faster than the starting line.

Unfortunately, that’s all we got in the Tesla-versus-Chevrolet fight. Something caused the Z06 driver to lift early on the second track, and nothing in the third. Continued? Maybe we’ll see a rematch in a future video.



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