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Mercedes Mythos Lineup Of Ultra-Exclusive Cars To Include SL Speedster


mercedes sl mythos teaser

Mercedes-Benz will launch the ultra-luxury Mythos Series sub-brand that will sit on top of the already luxurious Maybach nameplate. During the Economics of Desire strategy update, the automaker showed an image of the SL Speedster as the future product of the new brand.

Mythos Series models will have a very low volume. These vehicles “will be available exclusively to Mercedes-Benz’s most dedicated enthusiasts and collectors,” the automaker wrote in a statement announcing the sub-brand. The company did not say when the first of these products arrived.

The teaser image shows the SL in profile with only the top of the vehicle visible. The nacelles are visible behind the seats, and this is the only clear style change, judging by what we can see.

During the presentation of the Economics of Desire, Mercedes also announced the expansion of the Maybach brand. This will include a luxury variant of the SL. Plus, the marque will also launch an SUV version of the EQS in 2023.

Maybach recently demonstrated an ultra-luxury Haute Voiture concept based on the S-Class. It features a two-tone paint scheme with a rose gold bottom and a navy blue top area. Things are really special inside where it has a boucl├ę fabric in blue, beige, and rose gold on the door panels and on the seats. Fine white faux fur covers the floor mat. The rose gold trim on the door and dashboard trim adds to the luxury.

A limited production version of Haute Voiture is coming in early 2023. The price is expected to be over $200,000.

With all these high-end models, Mercedes-Benz wants to be “the world’s most valuable luxury car brand”. In its Economics of Desire presentation, the company said the way to do it was to cut the number of “Entry Luxury” models from seven to four. Also, 75 percent of future investment goes towards bigger, more expensive vehicles. By 2026, Mercedes wants to boost sales of its “Top-End” products by 60 percent compared to 2019 figures.


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