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New BMW 3 Series Teaser Promises Facelifted Sedan Is Coming Soon


An updated BMW 3 Series is coming soon. That’s the literal word from BMW today, which took to social media with a short teaser video showing the shadowy face of its timeless sedan. As for how soon it will come, we can’t say for sure.

The teasers stopped short of offering more information, and the shadowed car didn’t reveal much other than the headlights. However, with the hot M3 CSL slated to debut on May 20 and M3 Touring expected in June, we dare say coming soon means very soon indeed.

There’s also the fact that we’ve probably seen the car in its entirety. BMW officially debuted the new i3 sedan for China at the end of March, and the EV is widely believed to be featuring an updated 3 Series worldwide.

Supporting this theory are spy photos we’ve seen in recent months, showing a 3 Series test vehicle with simple camouflage concealment details on the front and rear. If the Chinese-spec i3 is indeed the model for this facelift, the main change comes with the headlights losing the curve at the bottom. The teaser actually backs this up, as we don’t see any breaks in the daylight LED line. Thus, the front fascia should be smoother with no body lines related to the notch. Intake angles trade some width for height. Changes at the rear are likely relegated to minor differences with the taillights and fascia design.

Apart from a minor exterior facelift, changes are also expected on the inside. The photos of the new i3 from China don’t offer a look at the interior, but the spy photos show some significant improvements. Among them, we expect a large curved screen similar to the iX. That would require changes to features like climate control vents, and spy shots already suggest a new steering wheel is coming for the driver. Given the rapid evolution of technology, software upgrades are likely also part of BMW’s plans for the new 3 Series.

With the teaser train rolling out, chances are we’re only a few weeks or even days away from the official debut.



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