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VW Classic Warehouse Walkaround Video Is Chock-Full Of Interesting Cars


With Volkswagen being one of the oldest car brands, it goes without saying that it has an incredible range of concepts and prototypes in its collection. Some of the gems are locked up in the VW Classic warehouse in Wolfsburg where about 200 cars sit under one roof. YouTuber Jamie Orr had the privilege of inspecting these vehicles, some of which had never been seen before.

The tour started with two published race cars, ID.Rs from Goodwood and Pikes Peak. What caught our attention, however, was the stillborn Golf GTI TCR Mk8. Back in December 2020, VW announced it would be pulling out of all motorsport activities, which would consequently mean discontinuing its Touring Car Racing programme. The reason why the car is completely covered in camouflage is because it was never officially revealed, but you can easily spot it as a little monster.

The collection also includes a bunch of electric Golfs from the past along with what is arguably one of the most interesting Golfs of all, the Cross Country. It’s not all about Golf and race cars as we also get to see the full-size Phaeton sedan, the rare Beetle RSi, and the Passat R36. One of the prototypes worth showing is the 1987 Polo with a two-cylinder supercharged diesel engine.

The stealth Beetle is a 1946 example, making it one of the first made by VW. Then there’s the forgotten NILS concept, a single-seater EV that still looks futuristic more than a decade later. Towards the end of the walkaround video, we’re reminded that the company is building several Beetle RSi convertibles.

Understandably, most of the collection is dedicated to the iconic Golf. We expected to see more examples of the Corrado and Scirocco, but it’s the compact hatchback that makes VW what it is today and therefore deserves most of the available space in the arsenal. The Mk8 on sale today isn’t the end of the line as the ninth generation model has been confirmed as the last model to still have a combustion engine.


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