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Old Blue Bird School Bus Gets A Posh RV Makeover


Buses have become the vehicle of choice for those who want to live on the road. They are bigger than your typical camper van conversion and much bigger than a camper truck. However, they are not motor homes, which can command a tantalizing amount of cash to own.

The bus provides ample space for people and possessions, and it’s a blank slate for the wants and needs of its owner, as this Blue Bird 2000 underwent a stunning makeover to turn it into a mobile home.

This 22-year-old bus has a spacious interior. A long sofa sits on one side, and folds into an extra bed. Next to it is a counter with soft-close drawers for extra storage. Opposite the sofa is the kitchen area. It has a four burner propane burner. Next to it are more drawers, a sink, a fridge and freezer combo, and additional desk space.

The kitchen borders the back bedroom, which occupies most of the back of the bus. Underneath there is extra storage. Also at the back is the bathroom. It was cramped, wedged next to the bedroom, but had a composting toilet and standing shower.

The exterior is finished in green, but looks unobtrusive. The back has stairs to the roof, and there are five solar panels on top and skylights. Outside, there’s access to a solar panel battery, two gray water tanks (one for the shower and the other for the sink), and a 45-gallon fresh water tank. There’s even a backup camera. The video doesn’t go into much detail about the mechanics, but it does reveal that it comes with a Cummins diesel engine.

More people than ever are hanging around motorhomes, camper vans, and camper trucks. The company that builds and equips such vehicles has many orders, but there are other options such as a converted Blue Bird bus. The options are endless with a. Bus convertible, and probably easier to get to than the built in ones.



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