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Mazda Wants To Make The Vision Coupe, But SUVs Are The Moneymakers


Mazda gave us all the wallpaper material back in October 2017 when it launched the very pretty Vision Coupe. If there’s one car that deserves the nonsensical “four-door coupe” description, it’s this. To no one’s surprise, it didn’t take long for rumors to surface about a swoopy sedan that would be in production. Fast forward four and a half years later, the car is nowhere to be found. In fact, it seems very unlikely that will happen.

Why? Three letters: S, U, and V. Mazda Europe engineering boss Joachim Kunz tells Autocar that “it is most important to sell an SUV.” He admits that “it would be great… to have a FR [front-engine, rear-driven] concept and a six-cylinder engine for a Mazda 6 successor or a big sports coupe.” His remarks were a quick reminder the big sedans wouldn’t take the RWD route to fight the German trifecta: BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz.

With SUVs being prioritized, we’re also not going to hold our breath for the road-going variant of the older 2015 RX Vision concept. Mazda is bringing back the rotary engine, but only as an engine that expands the range for the MX-30 hybrid crossover. At least we can be relieved to know the MX-5 will stick to the RWD sports car formula with a petrol engine for its NE generation.

Joachim Kunz explains why attractive cars are put behind as the saying goes: “This SUV trend continues, and even more so for Mazda. It’s a top seller.” Autocar went so far as to doubt the future of the 6 sedan. The company Zoom-Zoom has been talking about the CX-60 and its subsequent CX-70, CX-80, and CX-90 SUVs, with no word on the sedan aging. Third-generation cars have been around for a decade, and there is no direct replacement spy shot.

With Mazda still a relatively small automaker, it made sense to take an SUV and go from there.


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