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Porsche Adds Dozens Of Colors To Configurator With Paint-To-Sample Feature


If you’re in the market for a new Porsche or want to waste some time on their online configurator, we’ve got good news for you. Porsche recently updated the online configurator for all of its models to include their entire library of Paint-To-Sample offerings. Porsche has been offering Paint-To-Sample to its customers for decades, but this is the first time you can test this offering in their online configurator.

Porsche has been offering customization and painting options for samples for decades. Porsche is so dedicated to meeting unique customer demands that they even sold a fur-covered Porsche 356 in the 1950s. This is the first time customers can play with Porsche’s Paint-To-Sample offering in its online configurator. This option is available on all Porsche models except the 911, which will launch in the coming months.

The Porsche Paint-To-Sample catalog includes 160 pre-approved colors that Porsche has developed and completed feasibility testing for all of its models. To help customers choose their Paint-To-Sample color, Porsche includes a filter to split the color between metallic and non-metallic. Customers can also select a color group to narrow down colors from a specific color palette.

The online configurator upgrade allows Porsche customers to see every color in the live render of their dream Porsche. This is a very helpful tool that allows customers to really visualize the colors before pulling the trigger on this unique program. This is also important because there is a change that the combination of Paint-To-Sample and model has never been done before so rendering is the best way to visualize the final product. Things like shadows, highlights and even simulated locations help Porsche showcase all of their unique Paint-To-Sample


So what if you can’t find the perfect color for your next Porsche in the extensive Paint-To-Sample catalog? Well, Porsche now offers a program called Paint-To-Sample Plus on all models except the Cayenne. Under this program, customers will take a sample of the color they are looking for to their local Porsche dealer. The samples were sent to Porsche AG for analysis. Porsche is working to complete due diligence on bespoke paint colors and only offers the final product to customers if they pass the test. If the color fails, Porsche covers all costs associated with testing, a rigorous process that can take nearly a year in some cases.

Which Porsche Paint-To-Sample color is your favourite?


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