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Ram 1500 Electric Truck Confirmed For Fall 2022 Debut In New Teaser


ram ev truck teaser video

A new teaser from Ram gives another look at the upcoming electric pickup truck. The new video, out today, happens to debut the day before Ford starts producing the Lightning, its own electric truck. In a tweet of the video, Ram says that it’s “Time to steal some thunder.”

The new teaser, a short video posted on the brand’s social media accounts and YouTube, showcases the truck’s live silhouette and unique lighting signature. The truck has dual running lights that mount a blazing Ram badge in the middle, likely forked and around the pickup’s headlights, though we can’t see them. The teaser shows a truck with a tall, sculpted hood, fenders stretched over wheels, and a double-bubble roof.

Ram announced in early 2022 that it was working on an electric pickup, with production slated to begin in 2024. What we’ll likely see later this year is a concept, which the Ram has called in the past. However, the latest teaser doesn’t mention the concept at all. This is probably just negligence.

The teasers we’ve seen so far seem to show a pickup that will push the truck style, following the GMC Hummer instead of the more traditional-looking F-150 Lightning. The styling looks muscular and aggressive, though it could be that the designers had a bit more freedom with the concept version.

With production not starting until 2024, details about the truck’s powertrain remain elusive, although we expect the truck to use the STLA Frame platform being developed for the Stellantis pickup truck. The platform will allow the truck to offer a range of up to 500 miles (805 kilometers), with a scalable platform capable of accommodating battery sizes ranging from 159 kilowatt-hours to over 200.

Ram gained an understanding of what truck buyers want in an EV through his Ram Real Talk show, where automakers ask the public what they want from an electric truck. That input will help Ram design a concept that will eventually turn into a production pickup.


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