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Nissan Shuts Down Datsun Production In India


In March 2013, Nissan revived the Datsun brand nearly three decades after its original discontinuation. The brand is relaunching with budget products for markets such as Indonesia, Nepal, South Africa, India and Russia. However, in 2019, Nissan announced that the Datsun would stop production in Russia and Indonesia, and now the same is happening in other major markets.

Last week Nissan India announced Datsun would no longer produce cars in India. The Japanese automaker wants to reallocate money from its budget brand to a future electrification strategy. Additionally, Datsun car sales have slumped in recent years with just 6,400 deliveries in 2021, down more than 90 percent from 87,300 in 2016. Asian Nikkei report. In India, 2017 was Datsun’s best year with the brand accounting for around 75 percent of Nissan’s total sales in the country, all thanks to the new Redi-Go model.

“Production of the Datsun Redi-Go has been discontinued at the Chennai Plant,” Nissan announced. “Sales of the model will still continue. We can assure all existing and future Datsun owners that customer satisfaction remains our priority, and we will continue to provide the highest level of after-sales service, parts availability, and warranty support from our nationwide dealer network.”

India was one of the launch markets for the Datsun brand which was revived when it was introduced back in 2013. The first model released there was the Go, which did not sell well. It was followed by Go+ – also not very successful in terms of sales – and then came Redi-Go, which proved to be a strong seller. While in Russia, Datsun has the On-Do, which is basically a modified and slightly redesigned Lada Granta sedan. This model was discontinued in 2020 and is no longer available.

There’s no official word on Datsun’s operations in South Africa, though brand local site still lists Go and Go+ as available in that country. In India, Nissan dealers will sell the rest of the Datsun cars at a massive discount.


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