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Porsche LMDh Prototype Plays Twin-Turbo V8 Music During Spa Test


A day in the life of a Porsche test driver involves going to a Spa, but the more interesting kind. Indeed, the Le Mans Daytona hybrid heads to Belgium and does some hot laps at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. This is not the first such raid as the electric engine was previously tested at home in Weissach before traveling to Barcelona. Seeing it while riding the Eau Rouge is a real feast for the eyes and ears as the twin-turbo V8 sounds amazing.

Looking as though it’s running on rails, the new Porsche LMDh is being pushed hard ahead of next year’s motorsport debut. As a refresher, the hybrid race car will compete in the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship and IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. Multimatic provides an LMP2-based chassis as is the case with Audi’s own engine. Other companies will join Oreca, Ligier, or Dallara, with BMW teaming up with the latter.

The sound you hear comes from an eight-cylinder engine that packs a pair of turbos and is designed to run on renewable fuels to reduce CO2 emissions. As per regulations, the hybrid setup would be good for a combined output of around 500 kilowatts (670 horsepower). To comply with regulations, a Porsche V8 must not spin higher than 10,000 rpm and must weigh at least 180 kilograms (397 pounds).

With so much work going into the LMDh prototype, fans are eager to see a hypercar to replace the 918 Spyder. However, Porsche says that the new flagship won’t come before 2025, adding that it could end up being an EV. The choice of engines for racers is quite interesting considering the 919 Hybrid Evo uses an electrified 2.0-liter V4 engine with a single turbocharger.

Hearing the sound of a newly developed Porsche V8 in 2022 is something few people think about, especially with electrification taking over. Details about a possible street legal car haven’t been disclosed yet, but it’s easy to imagine such a beast would be a smash hit. A road version will have what it takes to be an instant collectible, but for now, the crew from Zuffenhausen are busy with endurance racers.

Some of Porsche’s hybrid know-how in the exciting world of motorsport will flow to street cars in the near future when the 911 Hybrid will be officially announced.


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