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Latest Tesla Cybertruck Prototype Looks A Bit Battered In Up-Close Video


Tesla opens its Gigafactory in Texas on April 7, 2022, Thursday in a celebratory event called Cyber ​​Rodeo. The electric carmaker’s new massive factory measures 338 million square feet and is located in Austin, Texas.

Of course, Elon Musk attended the event along with a preview of the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck. Shown on stage is a working prototype and apparently, some people could get a chance to get up close and personal with the corner pickup, as in this video from Cyber ​​Owner on Youtube.

In the video walkaround, you can see that the Cybertruck prototype looks very outdated and full of imperfections. There is a fairly large panel gap, along with some misaligned panels, glued-in parts, and broken parts such as the outside mirrors.

To be honest, this Tesla Cybertruck is still a production prototype, so it’s no surprise to see these imperfections. Some of the parts here may have been assembled by hand, hence an error. We have seen several prototypes from other brands before and they are very different from the production version in terms of build quality.

Because of this, we expect the production version to have much better build quality than what you see in the video.

Musk claims that the Tesla Gigafactory in Texas has the capacity to produce one million cars per year when fully operational. Half of them are Tesla Model Ys, along with the batteries that Tesla cars use. The Cybertruck will be built at this factory and will go on sale in 2023.

Apart from the Cybertruck, a “big wave of new products” will arrive in 2023. Musk did not reveal the names of these products but reports say that these include the second generation Roadster and Semi.


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