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Second-Gen Cadillac CT6 Spied Undergoing Testing: First Photos


Less than a week ago, Cadillac Society Find out exclusive details about the next generation Cadillac CT6. Now, we’ve spied on the prototype of the upcoming luxury sedan undergoing real-world testing, and the photos confirm what we’ve been reporting about its exterior styling.

As we outlined in our initial report, the next-generation Cadillac CT6 brings a new exterior to this grand sedan. Note that the front and rear fascia feature Cadillac’s signature vertical and horizontal lighting elements similar to the current generation, post-facelift CT6 (2019 model year and later), but the lights on the new model will take the item to a new look. level in terms of detail and execution. The prototype seen here uses pre-production placeholder lights.

Second Generation Cadillac CT6 Prototype Spy Shots March 2022 Exterior 004

Vertical lights direct the gaze along the sleek profile of the luxury sedan, with a roofline that slopes almost to that of a coupe thanks to a greenhouse that is less boxy than the current model. The C-pillar, which is most visible, is much thinner than the one on the current gen CT6, following the design directions used on the Cadillac CT5, allowing for a larger rear vanity window. At the rear, we see more influence from the CT4 and CT5, namely at the silver trapezoidal exhaust outlet.

Interestingly, this CT6 prototype uses a set of 20-inch 5-Spoke Platinum Twin wheels with Manoogian finishes and chrome inserts (production code RQ9). These wheels are offered on the current generation Cadillac CT6.

Second Generation Cadillac CT6 Prototype Spy Shots March 2022 Exterior 007

Overall, despite the revised profile, the second-generation Cadillac CT6 appears to be roughly the same size as the first-generation model. As we mentioned last week, he drives the VSS-R set of vehicles, with Omega platform elements, built to support rear-wheel drive vehicles.

For now, we know that the upcoming Cadillac CT6 will continue to be offered in China. It’s unclear if it will be available in North America, where the CT6 was discontinued after the 2020 model year.

Second Generation Cadillac CT6 Prototype Spy Shots March 2022 Exterior 008

As for what’s under the hood, we expect the second-generation CT6 to take advantage of the luxury marque’s 2.0L I4 turbocharged petrol engine (production code LSY), which is currently offered in every Cadillac model sold in China. It’s also possible that the second-generation CT6 could use a mild hybrid system like some Cadillacs sold in China, such as the XT4 crossover for the Chinese market. The hybrid setup combines a reinforced four-cylinder internal combustion engine with a small electric motor and battery to improve fuel economy.

Second Generation Cadillac CT6 Prototype Spy Shots March 2022 Exterior 011

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2nd Generation Cadillac CT6 Photos


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