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Spy Photos Show Camouflaged Crossover That Could Be New Fiat Uno


The world of automotive spy photography is not an exact science, but we usually have an overview of the vehicles we capture on camera. Visual cues and insider information combine to give us direction as to what’s behind the camouflage, but sometimes, things aren’t all that clear. This is one of them.

We’re obviously dealing with small crossovers, but for what automaker? Our spy photographer was able to get a close look, and through the photos, we were able to see what they were looking at – the headlights and taillights of the Opel Mokka. The vehicle profile also looks like a Mokka (bottom left), especially with the kinks in the C-pillar and the high belt line.

Opel Mokka-e (2020)
Fiat Uno Test Mule Spy Photo

So, the simple answer is that we are looking at the new Opel Mokka. But the current generation Mokka is new, having debuted for Europe last year. A quick facelift is certainly a possibility, but this test vehicle sported the same heavy covers and faux panels typically associated with an entirely new generation. We also see such camouflage being used to hide the new model; that’s what we think is happening here, and that could be the return of the Fiat Uno.

In this case, All new would be a bit of an exaggeration as the vehicle will use the CMP platform which has underpinned several models in the Stellantis family. Mokka is among them, not to mention the 2008 Peugeot, Citroen C4, and DS3 Crossback. All of these models are new, so this test vehicle may not be for that brand. We know there is talk in the Fiat world about a new subcompact using a shared platform. The Uno moniker served Fiat for more than three decades, most recently ending with the Novo Uno in South America. As such, the Uno’s revival for a new small crossover could be very timely.

If that’s the case, debut is probably still a year away. But at this early stage, we certainly want to find out more answers before placing a bet.


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