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Alleged Drunk Driver Follows Police Car Into Jail’s Parking Garage


Friends, drunk driving is a legal problem not only in the United States, but in many parts of the world. do not do it, and please, keep that message in mind as you read this strange but true story. There’s a bit of humor here but in the end, a car still breaks down and someone still goes to jail. But it could be the easiest DUI stop in law enforcement history.

At approximately 5:30 a.m. local time on March 2, a police officer in Rapid City, South Dakota entered the secure garage area under the Pennington County Building on St. Joseph Street, just east of downtown Rapid City. In addition to being the location of various government offices, this building is also the location of the Pennington County Jail. Access to the garage is restricted, so imagine the officer’s surprise when another car entered the garage directly behind him, barely passing through the heavy gate that was closing.

But wait, there’s more.

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The car suffered severe damage to the front passenger. A photo provided by the Rapid City Police Department (top of the article) shows what the late model Chevrolet Equinox looks like. We don’t know how the damage occurred, but judging by the flat spot on the bare wheels, it wasn’t from a collision across the road. Whatever the case, the driver seems to be hoping the clerk can offer to help with the Chevy. At least, that’s what the driver said through slurred speech. Oh, dear.

A press release from the RCPD said officers recorded the speech as well as the smell of alcohol from the person. An investigation was launched, and the 19 year old driver was arrested for driving under the influence… after following a police car into a secured police garage. Under the district building. Where is that strange prison? The press release ends by saying the suspect at the time walk to Pennington County Jail.

In an email to Motor1.coman RCPD spokeswoman said it was “a very unusual circumstance to have a distracted motorcyclist all the way to the literal entrance to the prison reservation area.”

At least this one has a happy ending. For everyone except the driver. Stay safe out there everyone.



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