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This 2022 BMW M4 Gets Has Controls To Make Coupe More Accessible


Experiencing the thrill of driving should be accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, technology is still filling the gaps to make this happen, but it already has a great track record of helping people get behind the wheel. That includes those who lack mobility with their feet, which are usually required to control the gas and brake pedals. Hand control can overcome this hurdle, and a new video shows how the system works on the 2022 BMW M4.

This is an easy setup. A bar located under the steering wheel controls the accelerator and brakes. The driver presses down on the left side of the bar, and the BMW accelerates. Pushing forward on the bars will brake and stop the car. Hand controls don’t complicate the start-up process either, with the driver pushing forward on the bar and then pressing the start button on the center console before switching to drive and driving away.

Drivers are getting a little enthusiastic behind the wheel, but drivers have no trouble enjoying the M4’s 473-horsepower (347-kilowatt) twin-turbocharged inline-six engine. This arrangement even allows the use of a paddle shifter for a more complete driving experience. It’s a completely different way of driving that many of us will stumble upon the first time behind the wheel like that, but it just takes practice and time to get the hang of it, according to drivers.

It’s great to see technology helping people live fuller lives, as technology should. It’s easy for technology to turn into a time waster, but it’s innovation that actually makes the world a better place. One day, autonomous cars can – and should – give mobility to people who have never owned one or have difficulty accessing it, and that is a great goal to have. It looks like a system like this can work on a variety of makes and models.

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