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Porsche Landjet Rendering Shows Upcoming EV As Sleek Sedan


Landjet is the code name for a flagship electric vehicle developed by the Volkswagen Group for the Audi, Bentley and Porsche brands. This rendering is from takes what little we know about the model and shows what the Porsche version looks like.

This render depicts the Landjet as an ultra-slim, low-slung sedan with a pointed nose. A spoiler is inserted into the roof where it hangs over the rear windshield. There are active wings on the tail.

Audi is thought to be the company that pioneered the development of the Landjet. The plan, the vehicle will have a high-capacity battery and advanced autonomous driving technology. This will let the product travel long distances without direct driver input. Its range is thought to be about 404 miles (650 kilometers). Marc Lichte, Audi’s head of design, previously described his design for the vehicle as “very different” and said that it “would be a revolution.”

The odd thing about the Landjet is that it is supposedly a sedan but has three rows of seating for seven people. The Audi variant is thought to first arrive in 2024, and the Bentley will come in 2025 or 2026. The timing for Porsche is unclear.

The original plan was for production of the Landjet to take place at the Volkswagen Group plant in Hannover, Germany. The site is currently building Amarok pickups and Transporter vans. However, Porsche is suspected of paying €100 million to Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles so that the sports car maker can build its own variant of the Landjet instead of the others. The Porsche variant reportedly lacks the advanced autonomous driving capabilities that Audi and Bentley have.

Some reports suggest that the Landjet is somehow linked to Project Artemis which Audi is also working on. The aim of this venture is to develop a highly automated vehicle utilizing the resources of the entire Volkswagen Group brand. Part of the strategy is finding new ways to sell these products beyond the traditional buy or lease options.



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