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Nissan Should Sell This Classic Fairlady Z Chair ‘Cause We’ll Buy One


If you thought that a classic Nissan Fairlady Z seat should be in a tastefully restored classic Z car, congratulations. You are part of the norm.

But Nissan’s internal licensing team begged to be different. Instead, they turned chairs from classic Fairlady Z into chairs for your living room. We love the idea and there’s a good chance Nissan will sell it, just like the other stuff these guys are working on.

In fact, Nissan is thinking of new ways to bring excitement to its products apart from cars. The licensing team works closely with partners to deliver new products that repackage Nissan’s classic design features.

Nissan’s classic Z seat was actually made in 2019, to coincide with the celebration of Z’s 50th Anniversary. As you can see, the seat legs form the shape of the Nissan Z logo. The fabric used for the upholstery is similar to that on the Z S30, which should give it a genuine feel when someone sits in it.

“This milestone is a great opportunity to revisit our classic design features,” said Yoshiyuki Kanamori of the licensing team, “and also a key way to increase interest in new products.”

Of course, Nissan’s licensing team didn’t stop there. Another product is soy sauce which shows the Nissan GT-R logo when filled with soy sauce.

“A soy sauce dish is a very enjoyable meal,” says Kanamori. “We feel it really conveys the excitement of a model like the GT-R.”

Other items include the Lego Nissan GT-R Nismo we saw a few years ago, as well as a clothing line featuring Nissan-related illustrations, created by Japanese design firm Swimmy Design Lab.



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